Core Sampling Services 

The GSTL team are specialists in independent core sampling, street works inspections, and diamond drilling. We serve a diverse array of clients including: 

  • Local authorities
  • Utilities
  • Contractors
  • Private customers

On-Site Core Sampling 

Concrete / Bitumen in-situ core sampling BS EN: 12504-1:2000 

Our highly qualified team are professionally trained to take and analyse core samples of road constructions to establish compliance with the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991. 

Reasons for Road Core Sampling include: 

  • Verification of compacted layer thickness
  • Quality control of new surfacing works
  • Investigation of existing pavements
  • Compliance of work undertaken
  • Magnetometer installation
  • Road stud and fence fitting

GSTL's modern road core drilling machine is used to extract core samples from concrete and asphalt and has a drilling range from Ø 50 -200 mm. The coring drill is highly manoeuvrable and can be either towed into position on-site or powered by the rig. This enables our technicians to place the drill in a free-standing position so they can reach site locations that might normally be difficult to access. 

The cores can be extracted in a matter of minutes and once the drilling is complete the samples are taken for testing in our UKAS accredited laboratory, where a full, descriptive report log is produced. 

Pavement surface regularity test

Street Works Inspections 

GSTL site technicians have years of experience in providing high-quality services for clients working within the constraints of the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991, section 2.1.2, which states that: 

"…undertakers are to pay for inspections of the works by the street authority such as: 

  • Sample inspections (section 75 of the Act)
  • Defect inspections
  • Investigatory inspections
  • Improvement plan costs or expenses
  • Inspections of work carried out under section 50"

Our professional team will go out to the site and carry out a thorough examination of the utility reinstatements and provide core sampling services that will quickly identify any defects. If defects are found during the investigation, our team can clear the site and/or make safe any potential hazards that could represent a danger to your employees or members of the public. 

Coring concrete

Diamond Drilling 

GSTL also offers specialist diamond drilling services for clients in the construction and civil engineering sector, who commonly need routine or retrospective coring for testing purposes. 

Our hydraulic drilling machine is fitted with a rotary drill with a high-quality diamond bit and can create precision cut holes in a wide range of materials, including concrete and asphalt. 

Benefits of diamond drilling for core sampling, include: 

  • Low noise and dust levels
  • Reduces production of debris at the location
  • No vibrations to damage surrounding structures
  • Rapid drilling operations for minimal disruption
  • Extremely cost-effective with rapid results

To learn more about our range of core sampling services, please contact us for more advice. 

Drilling for concrete samples