Site Services 

GSTL’s on-site testing services offer you a broad range of in-situ material testing techniques for all your unique site requirements. Whether you need our expertise and specialist skills for compliance testing, earthworks validation, or stability of platforms for piling rigs and cranes; you can rely on our experienced team of field technicians to give you a professional, independent assessment of the underlying materials. 

Our qualified and experienced staff are available to offer a rapid and professional service on a nationwide basis. The methods we adopt mean that our clients are always given the option that is best suited to the unique conditions encountered on each site. 

We are also able to offer window sampling and concrete coring services and our trained technicians can provide fresh concrete sampling and testing to show compliance to site specific requirements. 

Bagging up soil samples

What is Material Testing? 

Material testing is the measuring of the characteristics, composition, and behaviour of a variety of materials used in a construction project under different conditions, such as aggregates, soils, rocks, and concrete. 

Using high-performance materials testing machines, our experienced team take a sample of the required material and take it back to our UKAS accredited laboratory (our accreditation is limited to those activities described on our UKAS 2788 schedule of accreditation) to perform a series of standardised tests. We then produce a breakdown of the findings in a detailed but easy-to-understand report which is available for you to download online, anywhere and anytime. 

Core boring concrete

Benefits of Material Testing 

The correct testing of materials by licensed professionals is a regulatory requirement for most large-scale construction projects. There are many benefits of undertaking material testing, including helping you to: 

  • Check the suitability of materials for various uses
  • Identify possible areas of concern
  • Meet quality and legal requirements
  • Keep your project safe and compliant
  • Reduce risk of financial penalties in the future
  • Deliver projects in budget and on time

Complete On-Site & Material Testing Service 

GSTL offers an all-in-one solution for all your on-site and material testing needs. Our services include undertaking physical sampling on-site, as well as a comprehensive range of material testing services in our specialist laboratory. 

Our experienced team will work with you to ensure you receive the best fit solution for your project’s needs and support you throughout the process. The reports are not overly technical and are designed to provide you with the key findings of the material testing results in a way that anyone can understand. The final report provides you with a useful, informative, and straightforward summary of the analysis of the sample being tested, so you can share this new data with your wider team and drive your project forward. 

Site Services
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