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Leave the sample collection to us. We will send our own drivers to collect and ensure samples are delivered safely to our laboratory. Dependent on the amount of samples and location of the collection we may use a courier service on some occasions. When using a courier we ask that samples are boxed and labelled clearly to avoid anything being lost in transit. Unfortunately GSTL will not accept responsibility for any lost samples.

  • We can collect samples from your site or office.
  • Call or email us when your sample is ready.
  • Or leave your details in the form below.
  • We'll let you know when we can collect the sample.
  • You can leave the rest to us.


Sample containers MUST have the following information displayed: Sample ID, Depth, Date of sampling, Project number. When using plastic bags to ship samples please double or even triple bag samples to avoid punctures of plastic bags. Seal sample containers air tight to prevent and avoid moisture escape. If possible or available, use pallets for collecting and shipping samples. When shipping undisturbed samples (i.e. U4 tubes) make sure the samples are sealed tight and boxed with adequate cushioning to avoid damage to sample in transit.

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