Our laboratory staff have combined testing and technical experience to offer a wide range of materials laboratory testing. Working to the highest standards, we ensure projects are delivered on-time and to specifications. Our testing laboratories are fully UKAS accredited (our accreditation is limited to those activities described on our UKAS 2788 schedule of accreditation) and enable fast analysis for a more cost-effective, time saving testing solution.

Material Testing Lab 

Our UKAS accredited laboratory is a state of the art facility. Our materials testing lab is fully equipped to rapidly deliver all your testing requirements. The GSTL materials testing lab has: 

  • 12 fully automated effective stress systems
  • 10 fully automated permeability systems
  • 21 digitally logged consolidation frames
  • 12 small shear box
  • 2 large shear box 

The GSTL laboratory can deliver a wide range of Aggregate, Concrete and Rock Testing. As well as the full complement of classification testing in accordance with BS1377 and BS EN 17892.  

Our accreditation is limited to those activities described on our UKAS 2788 schedule of accreditation.

Preparing concrete samples for strength testing

Materials testing laboratory services

Aggregates Icon

Aggregate Testing

Our experienced laboratory staff can perform physical and mechanical testing on a broad range of natural and recycled aggregate at competitive pricing, ideal for the civil engineering and construction industries.

Contamination Icon

Contamination Testing

GSTL provides a comprehensive range of Contamination Testing with rapid online reporting. Industry uses include site redevelopment, land purchase, land pollution, waste disposal, and meeting specific site conditions.

Advanced Soil Icon

Soil Testing

Our specialist laboratory provides a diverse range of reliable Soil Testing that meet national and international standards. We can help you assess the quality and suitability of the soil to help inform your planning and decision-making and save you unnecessary cost in the future.

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Rock Testing

We have modern facilities that are fully-equipped to perform the most commonly required geotechnical rock tests. We strive to provide you with the most accurate, timely, and professional testing service to help keep your project on track.

Concrete Icon

Concrete Testing

Our UKAS accredited laboratory (our accreditation is limited to those activities described on our UKAS 2788 schedule of accreditation) offers a wide range of Concrete Testing, to ensure you meet the necessary standards to help your project stay compliant, including concrete cube testing and diamond core drilling. At GSTL Ltd we pride ourselves on the capacity and range of our material testing services. We work with clients in the UK and internationally from our base in Llanelli, South West Wales.

Need more information on our material testing labs and services? Get in touch for a list of testing services or to arrange a call for how we can help with your project requirements.