Large Scale Shear Box

GSTL now has operational a 300mm Large scale Shear Box - more..

Large scale Shear Box

Geotechnical Lab Facilities

Our laboratory staff have over 130 years of combined testing and technical experience to offer on a wide range of laboratory testing and geotechnical problems enabling us to provide detailed Laboratory Technical Reports relating to testing undertaken, or report on laboratory test results undertaken by other laboratories.

  • Effective Stress Triaxial and Permeability Systems
  • Automatic Volume Change Apparatus
  • Hydraulic Consolidation (Rowe Cell) 75 mm diameter
  • Undrained Triaxial Test Systems
  • Direct Shear Apparatus - 60/100 mm2
  • Oedometer Consolidation Frames - Standard
  • Hi-loader Consolidation Frame
  • Twin Gauge Compression Machine - 2000 kN capacity
  • Constant Head Permeability Apparatus
  • Moisture Condition Value Apparatus

The laboratory is also capable to carry out a wide range of Material and Rock testing from UCS testing point loads, Brazilian disk, Density tests to Slake Durability and Materials tests including Soundness 10% Fines Concrete Cube Testing and storage, along with other BS tests.